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75 years since the end of World War II - 55 million reasons to remember. The film "Emerich - the way, the choice and the love" is my contribution to a better world. Emerich's wise words have been conveyed during 25 years to over 250,000 schoolchildren in Sweden. I think it should be included in the schools' history education. Emerich survived five concentration camps and turned 95 on August 28, 2019.

My youngest daughter came home from school one day in 2009 and asked with a horror in her voice if I knew who Hitler was and what he had done. As I listened for a moment, I thought: - What if I could contribute to a better world – remind people that we have a responsibility to tell future generations what those who survived the Holocaust have experienced.


When I was younger I was a member of the URK (Youth Red Cross) and got a diploma where it stood; "Nobody can help everyone - but everyone can help someone." In 1863, Henri Dunant founded the Red Cross to help war victims. He realized how badly wounded soldiers were after the Battle of Solferino in Italy in 1859.


In 1776 Nils Månsson was born in Skumparp, also called the farmer of light or more popularly Skumpen. He was a prominent parliamentarian in the peasantry. During 1834-1835, Nils made his last political commitment where he talked a lot about improving the school education in Sweden. When Nils returned to Frenninge, he had a large sum of money with him. For that sum as well as money that Nils had personally donated, a schoolhouse was built in Frenninge. The school became a central school for the entire area. I went to that school there in three years and I am also related to Nils in the 6th descent.


I am grateful that I am and have been responsive to things happening around me, that I got in touch with Emerich - thanks to my Rotary colleague Stig. I am grateful that I became part of the Youth Red Cross from a young age where we learned how to stand up for each other, help each other and most important: - understand why Henri Dunant founded the Red Cross.


For me, the movie about Emerich is about all people's equal value and human rights. As a mother of three wonderful daughters, I know, believe, and hope that no mother wishes their kids something bad. Through the challenges of life, we need to be reminded that all humans on planet earth should have equal rights and value. 


Everything starts with yourself. When you decide to choose the right path and to be a kind human being. Simply put: When you treat your surroundings the same way you would like to be treated. 


So, for those of you who want to see the movie about Emerich: - what path and choices do you want to make in your life? Let the love for yourself and your fellow human beings be one of your strongest driving forces. In the same way as Emerich tells his story, as Henri did start the Red Cross, as Nils to improve the schools in Sweden and for me to contribute to a better world by spreading Emerich's wise words. It's time to learn from our history!



With love,

Ingrid Ohlsson

Producer of the film:  “Emerich - the way, the choice and the love”

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